The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games (novel) - Wikipedia
The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins.

This is a classic young adult dystopian trilogy, by Suzanne Collins. It has a little bit of everything, which I enjoyed. Some romance, some violence (actually quite a lot), some sci-fi, and some real world problems. For instance it represented the unfairness of poverty, and the cruelty of colonization. It was very fast paced and kept me up all night. This review is on the first book, but I will follow up on it!

Sixteen year-old Katniss Everdeen lives in the 12th district, where it’s specialty is coal. After her father died, she looks after her mother and twelve year-old sister Primrose. That means hunting illegally, selling her game, and applying for extra tickets to get more food when the Hunger Games start. The extra tickets will only add to the chance that she gets picked to go the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games are a punishment/reminder that Panem is colonized, and every year 2 kids from each district, ages 12 to 18 participate. It’s a bloodbath where only one person survives, and the rest are killed by their fellow players. And the citizens of Panem are forced to watch. When Prim gets drawn, Katniss must save her, by going to the Hunger Games in her place. And for her little sister, and the rest of district 12, she must come back alive.

Katniss is an interesting character (her personality is not used a lot in other fantasy books), and I enjoyed how she developed throughout the book. Sometimes, though, I felt like the author could’ve taken the book in a slightly different direction. It would’ve been even more interesting if Katniss broke the rules more at the Hunger Games, it felt like she was always very dependant of others.

Overall, I really liked this book and will definitely be reading the others in the series.

Have you read this book? Enjoyed it? Are there other books out there like this one? If so, please let me know in the comments. As always, thanks for reading! Maeve, over and out.


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