Writing Prompt!

For my first Writing Wednesday I decided to do a writing prompt. I’m in love with writing prompts, and they save my writing life. Stuck? Writing prompt. No ideas? Writing prompt. Bored? Writing prompt. Just need to put some words on paper? Writing prompt. I have just changed your life.

How do you use a writing prompt? Well, insert these two paragraphs into your story and then write around it, until you have a story.

They walk down the corridor, keeping a safe distance from each other. There eyes dart from each other, daggers in there hands. When they reach the end of the hallway, it will all be over. Everything will be done.

Somebody screams. They whirl around, watching three of there protectors, the ones that would insure there safety, fall to the ground. Blood splatters onto there faces.

Feel free to change the style (from 3rd person to first) or add the names of characters. This is inspired by a story idea that I had yesterday. Remember: this doesn’t have to be the start of your story, it could be the middle or even the end.

If you have used this, please let me know! You could even send me your story! I would love that. I would also love some tips, this is my first writing prompt. Thanks so much for reading this blog! Maeve over and out.

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