The five ws of reading: a discussion post

I’m back!! I’ve living no internet and in quarantine for a week, and let me just tell you that was not fun. Very not fun. On the upside, I’ve read some of the best books that I’ve read in awhile, so the universe is in balance. Still, I’m not exactly looking forward to the next week of quarantine.

Anywho, I shall stop ranting about quarantine, and get to the point. I’m a person who can’t read while doing very much else. I need quiet, no brother areas (very important) that are comfy. Very rarely I drink tea, but that works better in my head then in practice. Although it would really be lovely if it did work. I usually just get to stuck in the book, and then when I realize I have tea, it’s cold. But I try.

Who do I read? I’m not a person who has a favorite author, and I usually pick books by there plot and rating. However, I do avoid authors like J.K. Rowling for instance, because there really discriminatory.

What do I read? Oooh genres. I love contemporary, fantasy, and sci-fi (if it’s done well), but I’m down for pretty much everything!

Where do I read? As I said, silence and no brothers is key. So most of my house is out, except for my bedroom. Mind you, the brothers still brake the no-coming-into-Maeve’s-room rule. Outside is also nice, but I still usually gravitate to my bed.

When do I read? One thing to know about me, is I’m really not an orgainised person sooo… The answer to this is whenever I can.

Why do I read? This question is deep! The answer is two words. To escape.

Let’s throw a how into this mix. How do I read? Fast. If I have a book I love, I’ll lock myself in my room and finish licitly split. I am trying to read slower, but it’s hard!

Whelp, that finishes that! This was really fun. Who, what, where, when, why, how do you read? Have you been in quarantine? Thanks for reading! Maeve, out.

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