Writers Block: How To Conquer It

And here we are with another Writing Wednesday not on Wednesday. I mean, it’s still a global pandemic, so, cut me some slack. The dreaded writers block. Boo! It’s the super villain of writing. Sometimes I just feel too blah to write. Or I have no ideas. Or I don’t want too (gasp!), but I should. Yes it sucks. But there are also so many ways to get out of it. Here are five simple strategies.

Number One: Just Write

One thing that happens when I have writers block is I just basically hate everything i write. So, Just write. It doesn’t have to be good, it doesn’t have to be part of your story, it doesn’t have to be something you like. Just get it down, and start the flow.

Number Two: Reread

Start from the beggining of your story and just read. Sometimes you notice small things that you can add later. Or you can simply just get back into your story. It always helps.

Number Three: Throw A Curveball

Give your character something you didn’t quite think would happen. It doesn’t have to be big. But give them something that you get excited about.

Number Four: Memories

Give your main character a memory. Heartbreak. Sadness. Death. Happiness. Maybe something that helps explain who they are today. This also helps to get your flow started.

Number Five: Fresh Air

Sometimes staring at a screen is what’s discouraging. Go on a walk, get some fresh air, clear your head. When you come back, often ideas will come to you.

Have you gotten writers block? Do you find other strategies helpful? I would love to here them. Thanks for reading! Maeve, out.

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