Top five middle-grade fantasy book series

Hey y’all! This will be part of a series of posts, starting with this one, that’s of my favorite middle grade/childhood reads. Fantasy book series are like my happiness for me. And what really got me hooked on them is middle grade fantasies from when I was younger. Oh nostalgia. I hope you all are doing ok with school starting and all! We’ve actually gone back to school which feels really strange and like a bad idea. Also, the smoke from the Californian fires are crazy!! We’re in another country and it’s super thick. Sigh. Of course, since I’m very indecisive, these series are in no particular order. Let’s begin (cue in: mysterious music.)

Septimus Heap:

Septimus Heap - All Seven Covers.jpg
Magyk, Flyte, Phsyk, Queste, Syren, Darke, And Fire

I got Magyk for my 10th (I think) birthday, and loved the characters, the magic, and the atmosphere of it all. I have only read Magyk and Flyte (which I didn’t enjoy as much), so I don’t know much about the others. Overall I was all over this book!

Charlie Bone:

As a kid who obsessed over magic schools (not sure why), I loved this series! My school librarian recommended it to me and it was all I read for the next few months. If binging book series’ is your thing, read this one.

The Trials Of Apollo:

The Trials of Apollo: The Tyrant’s Tomb Giveaway!

I wanted to add Percy Jackson to this list, but as everyone has at least heard of it, I’m going with The Trials Of Apollo. A hilarious (no seriously hilarious) read, packed with action and greek gods? Count me in.

Green Ember:

The Green Ember series (bottom ones are companion books)

I listened to green ember as an audiobook, and was so hooked that I would lock myself in my room for hours at a time and play with lego while listening to it. It’s a scary-adventure-packed-mysterious quartet.

The Magic Misfits:

The Magic Misfits
(There are actually four books now in the series!)

I would call the Magic Misfits more magical realism, but I have to mention this series! It was everything that I wanted as a kid who desperately loved magicians and wanted to be one. I listened to the audiobook on Audible, and enjoyed that very much. The cast is also very diverse, which makes me happy, because it’s hard to find good reps in middle grade fiction!

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