The baby-sitters club tag// more books and netflix!!

Hello! How’s life? Mine is dragging a long with school and having to be social again. Argh. But other then that I’m ok, and the weather has been lovely which is a plus. Now, as for tv shows, I’m partial to comedies. Schitts Creek (anyone else scream in delight when you found out the Emmy results?) , Brooklyn 99, really, all of them. Book adaptations? Eh, not really my thing.

But still, I watched The Baby-Sitters club when it came out, and I was hooked! I really enjoyed that it was for a middle grade audience, but I still found it funny and interesting. I also enjoyed the elements of feminism and support of trans people, which more shows need!! I have never read the first novels (I think I was born too late) but I did/still do love all of the graphic novel.

Thank you so much to Ruby Reads and Reviews for creating this tag! I am using her graphics, so thanks again. Check out her post (Middle-Grade Mondays: The Baby-Sitters Club Book Tag (original!)) and her blog, which I love!


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I really love Kristy’s feminism and confidence! Although she can be quite stubborn and bossy, she’s also a natural leader and is really sweet when you brake down her wall. She lives in (at the start) a family with three brothers, so I feel quite partial to her.

“I’m bossy. Get used to it.”

Kristy Thomas

Zélie Adebola and Kristy are very similar. Zélie is an amazing, strong female protagonist, who happens to be quite stubborn but, you can understand why she is that way. So is Kristy. Children of Blood and Bone is my absolute favorite book series, and I can’t wait for book three!

I love Mary Anne who at the start, says quiet one word sentences, and by the end, is playing lead in a play she also directs, and standing up for people. She’s very kind and open (where Kristy is more of a closed book), making friends with people of all ages.

“You can’t always tell from someone’s outside who they are on the inside. But if you never ask them, they never get a chance to surprise you.”

Mary Anne Spier

I think Amina from Amina’s Voice and Mary Anne would get along perfectly. Neither are comfortable in the spotlight, both of them find out more of who they are throughout the story, and both of them use there voices to make a difference. I really enjoyed this middle-grade novel.

Claudia’s. Room. Is. So. Darn. Awesome. I love her choice in clothing and her creativity. She also can be quite hilairious.I think her family dynamic is very interesting, and I absolutely love her grandmother Mimi.

“You can’t choose to be an artist… you just are.”

Claudia Kishi

Although Nishat from The Henna Wars, and Claudia aren’t exactly the same, both of them are incredibly talented at art and have there own sense of humor. Nishat has her Henna, and Claudia has her art. I love the Henna Wars, and you can check out a feature about it here.

Having been the new kid more then once, I was always rooting for Stacey even if she wasn’t my favorite. I liked seeing her open up and find friends, and I found it awesome that she’s a math wiz.

That’s the great thing about math. You know if you’re right.

Stacey Mcgill.
Bridge to Terabithia by [Katherine Paterson, Donna Diamond]

Leslie Burke, the new girl in Bridge to Terabithia, has quite a bit in common with Stacey, other then being at a new school. They both have things that there great at (math, running) and they both are strong characters. Bridge to Terabithia is a heartbreaker, and I sobbed after reading it. Yet it is still one of my favorite books.

Dawn is my favorite character, who’s sense of humour is awesome. I loved how she grew in the series and was really independent. She’s a pretty cool character, with a strong sense of global issues.

It’s a supreme opportunity to alert the camp about social justice issues. Gotta love a free platform!

Dawn Schafer
On the Come Up by Angie Thomas

Brianna, or Bri, is definitely an activist. She does it through rapping, but struggles to find a way to do so at the start. Both Bri and Dawn are independant, and strong. Angie Thomas is one of my favorite authors, and On The Come Up is fantastic. You can check out my full review here.

I tag…

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  2. Rhi // Marshmallow Harmoniesmarshmallow harmonies
  3. And YOU!! I’m sorry, I don’t now who’s watched this.

This was a great tag! Have you read any of these books? Agree with me?

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