September Rap-Up//October predictions

Aaand another month is gone. I’m glad 2020 is closer to being done, but I feel like my life is flying by! I have a hunch October will be a good month (I mean, it’s the spookiest) so I’m pretty excited. For halloween, after a lot of thought, I’m going as Darth Maever (Darth Vader) and that is probably my best idea costume ever. Who can complain?! I’m also excited for pumpkin pie. Yeah I probably shouldn’t blog while being hungry. I’m thinking of updating/renovating my blog, and setting more of a style in October, which I’m looking forward too.

September in reading:

September was a surprisingly good month for books. I thought it was going to be pretty dry because of school, but I managed to keep up. Here are some of my reviews:

Half Brother ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑: review

This was one of the first late 2020 books that I had a good sob after. Kenneth Opal is amazing at creating such real feelings. Zan!! *Starts to cry*

Brown Girl Dreaming ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑: review

Yep, another five stars. I was pretty impressed with my selections this month! This was such a touching book, and I was amazed that it was done in verse.

The Gilded Wolves ⭑⭑ / ⭑⭑⭑: review

This one was disappointing, as I had high hopes, but it was definitely still an interesting one.

As for others, I’ll Give You The Sun was fabulous, Who Put This Song On was great, and Wayward Son was disappointing.

September in blogging:

I was proud of myself for doing my first ever tag, they can be daunting! In the end it was definitely fun, but I was a little apprehensive. I also held a discussion post (my Bookish Thoughts section is blowing up) which was really interesting to do. I did five posts in September, which wasn’t really bad but I think I can do better. What is your average post number for a month? I would love to know. I was REALLY (all-caps, bold, italic, kind of really) dissapointed in myself for doing no writing posts!! They will come in October. I promise. *What do you think about me sharing some of my writing?* Is that a thing? Should I be worried about plagiarism?

September life:

Well the big thing on the agenda was school starting, and that was, well, better then I thought! I enjoy being challenged so that’s nice (I have some great teachers), but of course, I have to be around people again which is weird. I’ve started watching Modern Family, which I’ve heard great things about. I’ve been doing lots of fall bike rides which are so lovely, especially (and surprisingly) with brothers! He seems a lot more agreeable on a bike. We’ve been trying to cook some Ethiopian food, which is delicious, and is definitely up there on my list of favourites. I really need to eat, or this will become a food blog! Schitts creek got the sweep at the Emmys!! I’m so happy.

October predictions:

I really don’t have my reading planned for October… but I’ve seen mixed reviews on Court Of Thorns, so I’m excited/nervous to try that. I definitely think I will love The Black Kids, the plot just seems so cool, but usually I have mixed feelings about historical fiction. I have A River Of Royal Blood on hold as an audiobook, and it receives many awards so that one is exciting. Suggestions for others?? Perferably ones with delicious food? Hehe.

Have a spooky month!

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