Back From My Looooong Hiatus – announcements

Well, that was the longest I’ve ever been away from this blog. School caught me by surprise, and everything kind of tumbled from there. I have been trying to like/read other people’s awesome posts to keep me updated but’s that’s sadly all I’ve been doing. But I’m back and more posts will definitely be coming soon!!

On the plus side, I found another Maeve in a book! Ever since I was really little I was so jealous of all my friends who had names like Sophie, Claire or Isabella, and had at least ten books where they were the main character. So, I’ve been on the lookout for Maeves and this will be my third! One Of Us Is Lying has been on my tbr forever, and I’ve been kind of intimidated by it. Murder mystery? Not really my thing. Guess what? Now I’m hooked.

Maeve in this book is Bronwyn (one of the main characters)’s little sister. If your wondering, the other Maeves are an Irish wolfhound and a best friend. Hehe.

As for writing, it’s actually going okay. I signed up for NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) and I’ve been writing as much as I can with my time constriction. I really enjoy it, because I’m the type of writer who gets an idea for a book, writes five chapters and then gets another idea for a different book and completely forgets about the first. Wow that was hard to write.

Anywho Nano is giving me the encouragement to actually finish this one. Will I? I do not know, but I will definitely try.

I wrote a little script for my school’s play. It wasn’t great because, y’know, this girl aint a screenwriter, but I tried. I have been trying to branch out, so this was pretty fun!

Have you read any books with Maeves in them? Are you doing NaNoWriMo? What was the longest you’ve ever been away from your blog?

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