Tackling your TBR, what should you read first?

Bonjour! Happy holidays and winter brake. I’m missing people (has COVID made me an extrovert?!) but other than that, nothing has really happened.

TBRs can be daunting. Hundreds of books on one list? Stressful. Especially when your running a book blog. Sometimes even though they’re created to help your reading, they can actually cause reading slumps. Now that I think about it, lists are exactly that. My list of things to do usually makes me want to not do any of it. Plus, when you have that many books, how are you going to pick one to read?

One the other hand, it’s one of the most satisfying things to watch books slowly get checked off your list. So here are a couple tips to make you to be read list the most useful.

  • Bold and italic things so that you can remember whether the book is already out, or if it’s a sequel
  • Add checkmarks as soon as possible, after you’ve read a book
  • If you know a book you’d like to read is at the library make sure to add that in
  • Identify which ones you want to read the most!
  • Don’t stress if you’ve read books that you didn’t put on there
  • Make it a manageable list. Just scrolling through 300 books makes me stressed
  • If you have a book blog, make sure you know which books your positive you want to feature in your blog
  • Subscribe to a bunch of book blogs! If your problem is that you can’t find enough books, this is the thing to do
  • Just read, after all, that’s the best part
  • If you have hundreds of books on your list use the Marie Condo technique (“do I really want this?”) before you add it

I hope this helps! Do you have any tips? How many books are one your tbr?


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