Snippets of stories that I’ve written

Hola mis amigos! Yep, another Writing Wednesday not on Wednesday, because I was so excited for this post I didn’t want to schedule it. I realized that you don’t really know my writing styles, and since I’ve been writing since 10 (*cringes*) it’s definitely changed a lot. I’ve scrolled down google docs for as long as my limited patience could handle, and these are some of the snippets of stories that I’ve found. All except one of these stories are actually finished, so I had fun remembering where I wanted them to go. The ones that say collaboration are ones that I’ve written with friends (they’re so fun to do!) but the snippets that I’ve shown have been written by me. The ones that say continued are ones that I’m still working on!

I hope you like these!

Warning, if you’re not comfortable with kinda vivid description of blood or swearing, I suggest not reading these. Sorry! ❤️

I think my story starts the day before I heard them. It started well before I woke up that morning. It started with my mother dying. It started with the quiet scream, that I wish I had heard. From what I was told at twelve, she had the plague. Whoever told me that, was so very mistaken.

From trailblazers, in zenzalee’s perspective

It was a quiet kind of sound. Faint, though probably quite loud when next to it. Mama’s restaurant made the noise so gentle and soft, but at night I could hear it roar. When I was four I asked my brother about it, he rolled his eyes. He said it was obvious. It was the sound of waves. Of course, I thought he meant people waving, so I gave him a quizzical look.

“Koa, I don’t make sounds when I wave,” I said, trying it out. I didn’t make a noise. Obviously.

He sighed, putting down his schoolbook, to look at me straight in the eye. “Wahi li-ili-i,” He only said little one when he was going to lecture me. He got that from Dad.

“Koa no-” I whined, trying to get up and leave. He pulled me back.

“Nai, I meant the ocean. The ocean is teal and warm and kids play in it. Fish and sharks live in it, and boats ride on top. You can go anywhere on the ocean Nai. You can travel to places with snow,” My eyes grew wide. “Or places where big buildings tower over everything. The ocean is so deep that you can’t see the bottom…” By then I was enthralled. It may seem stupid, as a little girl who lived right next to the ocean, but my only experience with water was the bath and washing dishes with Dad. My only experience with anything was from my parents, brother, and the regulars who came to the restaurant.

Untitled story, from Naia’s perspective

“Willey, that’s my house that’s burning right?” Mya’s voice is hard, steely. Her short brown hair flicks angrily, and her eyes blink hard. She always knows. I don’t answer her question, but force my head to nod.

An adventurer’s guide to the world, willa’s perspective

I cover my ears, the noise in here is deafening! Vendors yelling the things that vendors are supposed to yell, like: GET THE BEST PRICES OF POWDERED DRAGON SCALES HERE, and LOOK NO FURTHER, A SALE ON MERMAID TOURS. And so on and so forth. Of course, the sellers don’t seem to like anything the vendors offer, always complaining about the price or the quality of the goods.

Untitled story (collaboration), Mkali’s perspective

“I think I just want to be alone.” I hear my voice, except it’s not my voice. It’s the voice of the little girl from ten years ago, who if anyone asked to come in, would be overjoyed. The little girl who just wanted a hug. The little girl who cried herself to sleep every night. “Mel!” I call. But she left. I draw myself a lukewarm bath, and hope the earth swallows me whole.

Three is key (collaboration), angel’s perspective, finished, but working on next book

The foamy waves crash against the rocks, covered with barnacles that make them look like jewels. The din is so loud, you almost can’t hear my sobs. Almost. I’m curled up on a particularly large gray boulder, watching the maroon blood trickle down my arms. There will be no way that they won’t become scars. I wet my hands in the freezing water running them up and down my numb limbs until the water becomes a smoky red from sweat, dirt, and blood. I shiver from the winter air, but that’s not the worst of it. My whole body shakes limply and the pounding in my head makes my vision cut in and out. In and out.

All I can think through my semi-conscious state is: I should have known. I should have known.  Wasn’t it obvious? All the signs were there.  Staring back at me. But I chose to look away.

Bound by the fire and sea, Amara’s perspective, Continued

“Welcome to the palace,”  The girl said with a smirk. She said it like it had been said thousands of other times, but nonetheless, the word palace is a fucking understatement. The building that stood before me could not be described in the words mansion, palace, or any other that came to mind. Picture a castle, turrets and all, made with only glass and bamboo. Now times its current size by three, and even this girl, who slept during math class, can understand that that’s huge. I reached to my pocket, almost expecting to find a chocolate bar stuffed at the bottom. I swirl around to where the girl was, expecting her to be snacking on it, but she’s gone. 

I shiver. Something about this place was always off, ignoring the fact that I suddenly woke up in a forest with a deep gash in my leg, and there’s an impossible building standing in front of me. She didn’t say her name, didn’t say where we were, but said I’d be fine.

Mhm. Not fine right now.

Bound by the fire and sea, Mireya’s perspective, Continued

Do you right a lot of unfinished stories? Any feedback for mine?


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