‘Which Book Am I?’ Quiz

What’s up my lovely readers? I was tagged by the fantastic Riddhi, who has an equally fantastic blog which you can check out here! This looks super fun so I’m excited to get on to this. You can go take this quiz as well, and let me know what you get!

Let us begin! I’m not sure I would describe my life as fantastical but I’m totally going with it.

What do I say everyday? Hmm, damn I think I say all of them! I don’t really say the I’m angry right now, but I do say I can’t even think straight (heh πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ) But I probably say I need some quiet time at least twice a day so we’re going with that.

What do I pursue in life the most? I’m going to definitely agree with what Rhiddi said, Honesty & Justice is what I pursue in life.

Which one is more important? In reality neither are the most important for me. I think personality is, but as intelligence is the closest to that, that’s the one I’m picking!

What to do on my day off? I’m going to say that since COVID has me stuck with my family (I love you guys, don’t worry) we might as well have fun! Although never getting out of bed sounds awesome, I’m going with the first one.

Which book character is my favourite? Hmm, since J.K. Rowling is super transphobic, I’m going with Winnie the Pooh. I adored that book when I was a kid, and it still never fails to make me smile. Ah nostalgia.

What do I tend to do in a room full of people? It really depends what kind of people they are, but assuming I’m getting a good vibe from them, let’s go with make new friends! I am definitely introverted, but since I’ve changed schools so many times, I’ve gotten kind of good at meeting people.

Greatest weakness? Although honestly all of these could be true, the last two seem the most like me. Let’s pick I fail to put myself first.

Words are? Deep question! Words can be anything, really. But for me specifically I think expressing our uniqueness, allowing others to understand us fits the best. That’s why I write, to express myself.

Which era would I live in? Honestly, I used to think about this a lot, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t be able to be myself in any of these eras. But for the purpose of this quiz, the victorian era sounds interesting!

Legacy? I really, really, hope it will be that I fought for truth, justice and equality in an unjust world. That would be the dream.

Any guesses? I’m clicking on it… now!

Selfless and Morally Sound, your story unfolds within the heartbreakingly honest pages of Harper Lee’s TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Tried, true, and honest – yours is a life of helping others. Intolerance and bigotry infuriate you, and you have a very hard time understanding how anyone could think in such a manner. You are driven to do good by others, not only because it’s right – but because that’s simply who you are.

To Kill A Mockingbird! This is a super sweet little monologue that I hope fits myself well. Would you kill me if I say that I haven’t yet read it? It’s on hold! Don’t worry!

Thank you for putting up with my awful humour. This was extremely fun, and if you haven’t already done it I encourage you to! Let me know what you get ☺️


  1. I really enjoyed reading your answers and thought processes! Ahh same Winnie the Pooh brings back SO many memories for me as well! I hope that you enjoy To Kill A Mockingbird, please let me know what you think of it as I’m a bit intimidated to start! Lovely post, Maeve! πŸ’– πŸ’–

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