Poetry – Writing Wednesday & Big Announcements

Ahh poetry, it’s that thing we all learned in grade three that was terribly boring and felt like something one did in a stuffy library with their grandparents. Those were my thoughts on poetry in my elementary years. As you can tell, I cared for it very little.

I feel like it was something I begrudgingly wanted to be good at, but simply never was.

Recently, though, I actually really got into it. After reading a couple books in verse and watching Amanda Gorman’s U.S. inauguration poem (it’s amazing), I really buckled down and gave it a try. Now, this posts will be full of tips about poetry, but as I’m not very good, I surfed the internet to find the best tips. Yes, the waves were fantastic.

  • Experiment with different types of poetry, for instance poetry sonnets, or haikus. You might find one that you really love!
  • Keep a journal of all your ideas and inspiring things you see. This is always something I’ve wanted to do, so I might give it a try.
  • Start a writing group! This always helps with getting ideas and feedback. It also just makes it more fun.
  • Try to have an idea of where your poem is going. I’m horrible at this sooo…
  • Read poetry of different types! Always a fun way to get ideas.
  • Don’t stress over your first line, you can always go back and change it. I feel like this happens with so many different types of creative writing, and it’s extremely annoying when you know exactly where this chapter’s going but you can’t think of a perfect opening line! Aaah!
  • Write with honesty. Express how you feel about the world.
  • Don’t be afraid to write trashy poetry.
  • Start a blog to publish it! Let me know if you do (or already have one!) so I can follow it.
  • Memorize other people’s poetry.
  • Tell a story with your poetry. If you generally write fiction, this one might be for you!

The ocean could tell a thousand stories

Of trying times and well deserved glories

Of the girl who writes her name in the sand

Trying to get others to understand

That the world is broken

That the truth should be spoken

That the ocean is weeping

And you are simply steeping

The tea of division

Of collision

Of the wrong decisions

But to that girl with her name in the sand

You can dream of wonderland

For we are a world broken

But in the end not entirely unspoken

The Tea Of Division (wrote this a couple days ago, any feedback, writing buddies?)

Hope these tips help! Feel free to share your poetry or writing with me, I would love to read them.

Now for the announcements (I actually have two!)

The first one, which is not big at all, is that I have a storygraph account! If you do too, add me as a friend I will friend you back (if your username is the same as your blog, if it’s not just let me know).

The second is very big. I have a new blog!! I’m running The Society To Stop Climate Change with one of my best friends. Climate Change is a serious problem, and we have challenges, information, cool posts and more! Do check that out!


    I am seriously in awe, it was super good. I hope you keep publishing poetry on your blog!!!
    And congrats on the new blog, climate change is such an important topic and you’re taking an awesome step in the right direction to help stop it! Best of luck with that!

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