Five Reasons To Read Yesterday Is History + My Thoughts

“The only way out is through. And the best way through something is the truth.”

Yesterday Is History, Kosoko Jackson

⭑⭑⭑⭑ (4.25)

Hola! It’s your friend Maeve again, back to ramble about books. She also still doesn’t know how to begin her posts, so why don’t we just get started? As I’m writing this, I just finished Yesterday Is History. I wanted to keep it fresh, because I have so many thoughts! Warning! There are very small spoilers ahead.

Representation: Black gay protagonist, gay deuteragonists, Japanese-American queer tritagonist.


Weeks ago, Andre Cobb received a much-needed liver transplant.

He’s ready for his life to finally begin, until one night, when he passes out and wakes up somewhere totally unexpected…in 1969, where he connects with a magnetic boy named Michael.

And then, just as suddenly as he arrived, he slips back to present-day Boston, where the family of his donor is waiting to explain that his new liver came with a side effect—the ability to time travel. And they’ve tasked their youngest son, Blake, with teaching Andre how to use his unexpected new gift.

Andre splits his time bouncing between the past and future. Between Michael and Blake. Michael is everything Andre wishes he could be, and Blake, still reeling from the death of his brother, Andre’s donor, keeps him at arm’s length despite their obvious attraction to each other.

Torn between two boys, one in the past and one in the present, Andre has to figure out where he belongs—and more importantly who he wants to be—before the consequences of jumping in time catch up to him and change his future for good.

5 Reasons To Read This Book:

1: Time Travel/Two Time Lines

I felt like this is what made the book so captivating. One time line is the present, 2021, and the other is 1969. I learned a ton about that time, without feeling like I was learning anything.

2: A Love Triangle I Actually Enjoyed

It was heart-breaking, sweet, and complicated. It actually really worked. This is such a fantastic, emotional story.

3: Adorable Romance In General

I mean, both the romances were amazing. They each had there flaws (one was separated through time, so) but they were also extremely wholesome. I agree with how the author ended the book as well. Even though I’m sad.

4: Andre, Just Read This For Andre

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore characters who are sarcastic, snappy, and a teeny bit annoying. Andre (or Dre) is an amazing main character who has so many sides to him, and I liked him from the start. The banter between him and the other characters was absolutely hilarious. I felt like he really developed over the course of the book!

5: How It Has Something For Everyone

Science-fiction, queer romances, history and more? Yes please.

(Yesterday Is History is a YA novel by Kosoko Jackson. It was released Feb. 2nd 2021.)

There are some things that I was not huge for. For instance, I felt like I kind of missed some conversations. I won’t include them, for the sake of not spoiling more, but let me know in the comments if you’ve read this! I also wanted more Isobel, she seemed like an awesome character but didn’t really appear a lot. And I would’ve loved to learn more about how time travel works!

Have you read this book? Is it on your tbr?


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