Why I disappeared, why I won’t be super active, & camp Nano

Hello fellow humans (unless your an alien or *le gasp* unless I’m an alien), I am here with an update on my life. As you may have noticed I took a little hiatus and I just wanted to let you guys know I’m ok!

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It’s an auto-immune disease (so nothing with the way I eat), and long story short I can’t make insulin myself anymore (definition by google: a hormone produced in the pancreas by the islets of Langerhans, which regulates the amount of glucose in the blood. The lack of insulin causes a form of diabetes). Because of this, I have to take insulin injections and monitor my blood sugars. *This is really awesome for someone who doesn’t like needles* **note the sarcasm**

It was a shock! But I’m glad I know know why I was feeling pretty terrible, and now I can treat it.

But! With all this going on, I’m going to be taking a little time off blogging. I will still be doing blog tours, and very soon I will be announcing the winners of my competition (y’all are so talented), but other then that I might not be commenting/posting that much.

As for Camp Nano, my writing goal is a little lower but I’m really excited. So far my novel (currently called Of Sun And Stars) has a total word count of 2989 words, and my goal is 12500 words. This is a draft that I keep going back to and changing and re-writing, but the general jist is futuristic magic school on another planet. Demons and found family. Ect.

Here’s a quick peek (I hope I can share more, if that’s something you guys would be interested in) of the prologue:

“A human?” He spluttered. “A human with, with-”

“Yes Dewin.” She sighed, pulling out a letter. Her office made him uneasy, cluttered with books and lanterns, the thunderstorm impaling the clear ceiling. She placed her glasses on her nose and began reading. “Headmistress Amaya, I hope this letter reaches you well. I have just returned from a worrying journey to the North-West of the planet humans call Earth. It has come to my attention that a girl, aged only fourteen, has the soul of a star.” She paused, letting Dewin pace around the room, as he muttered anxiously. 

“I wish that you do not tell the Council about this development. This could not only result in both of us losing our jobs but instantaneous turmoil. Enclosed is her information and location. If necessary, I can bring her to you, but I would warn you that this could hurt her, possibly fatally. Regards, Clementine and Casper.”

The headmistress leaned back in her chair, still ignoring Dewin. “You know what we must do.”

“No! I have absolutely no idea. She’s a human, headmistress! Is there something about that that you do not understand?” 

She shot him a glare. “Human, belonging to the genus homo, generally delusional and bloodthirsty and don’t have the ability to see what their actions will cause. Occasionally create strangely interesting things and sing about love and loss.” She taps her pen on her desk, as he shrinks into a chair. He knows he shouldn’t’ve questioned her. “We must bring her here, at all costs. We must monitor her. She has to be connected to The Deviner.” The room goes still at the mention of his name, and both the head teacher and headmistress feel a shiver run down their spines. “We must teach her.”

“Teach her, headmistress?”

“Indeed Dewin. She must learn here, under our protection.” She reaches for a blank letter and mutters so he can’t hear her. “And no one must know.”

Anywho, thanks for reading this short post!


  1. Omg! I can’t say get well soon, cuz it’s a forever kinda thing right? Idk 😅 I just hope things get better for you. And eeeshh I hate needles. U can hear me screaming from the next block when I was younger 😂🤣😅 and wow!!! Good luck with the novel!! It sounds amazing!

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