Writing Comp Results – in which I hide because this took me so long to post

*quietly slides under her bed because it’s April 18th and don’t kill me*

Hola! It’s your weird friend Maeve again. Back in march I hosted a writing competition and damn. You are all so creative and talented, teach me please!! It was extremely hard to choose winners, as, again, all entries were amazing, but I made sure to have no biases to friends on the blogosphere. Please give everyone on here a follow!

Honorable mentions (prizes: a shoutout);

Congrats to Charlie @ The Valley Animal Protectors (You Might Never Know) and Pavithra @ Small Talks (Witch And The King)! Both your stories were wonderful. I loved You Might Never Know’s humour, and Witch And The King’s message.

3rd place (prizes: my favourite quote from your story, a shoutout);

Congrats to… Saumya @ Draw Write Inspire, who entered The Enchanting Cellar!! Your story was beautiful, I loved the sense of intrigue and it had me caught up in the fantastic world you created!

“Hi Hailey. Good to see you”, said Ariana. “Hello Ariana! I hope you like my house. But I must tell you about a secret –

“What a lovely hairband, Ariana!” interrupted Mrs. Evanor.

Loved the mystery of this line!

2nd place (a shoutout, an online certificate and my favourite quote from your story);

Congrats Naomi @ The Society To stop Climate Change!! I absolutely adored your story, and it made me laugh aloud on numerous points. The Night Portals was a joy to read!! I also loved Duri. The ending was such a great cliffhanger as well!

Sure, she enjoyed READING about incredible heroes, but she was most certainly not an incredible hero. “Uh… no? I’m not supposed to save the world.” Cynthella replied after a minute of silence. The girl laughed. “Yeah right. And I’m not Duri.” The girl said sarcastically. When she saw Cynthella’s confused expression, the girl rolled her eyes. “I’m Duri, dummy.”

I fell off my chair laughing at these couple of lines.

And in 1st place… (a shoutout, an online certificate, my favourite quote from your story revealed, and a guest post or interview)

Congrats to Cari @ All Creatures Great and Small/Book Bliss, with her entry, Moonlight Music! I absolutely adored Cari’s writing style, and the description in her short story was beyond mind-blowing. It was truly a beautiful story.

“The tempest roared on outside, blowing trees, shaking houses, and seeping into the souls of many. The melancholy sound of a piano could be heard through it all, emulating such emotion that it was almost human.”

I had to go with the first few lines, because wow! This totally sucked me in.

Congrats to everyone, you’re all amazing!!


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