My Bookish Bucket List – yes finally something other then a blog tour in April

In which I fangirl over some amazing books and get extremely jealous that I can’t live in them.

Eat waffles with Nina and walk on tightropes with Inej

Wouldn’t this be the perfect day?

I haven’t watched the Netflix adaptation yet, but it’s definitely on my list.

Hang at the Celestial Court with Sheetal

The vibe this book gives off is one of the main reasons I really loved it. Like, just look at the cover! How?! I would definite love to explore the celestial courts with Sheena because they sound so breathtakingly beautiful and intricate.

Travel back in time with Andre

There’s a point in this book (spoilers!) where Andre comes back from time travelling, soaking wet. He went back to the titanic. At this point I dropped the book and screamed “Not fair, can I come?!”. I think everyone thinks I’m crazy now.

But definitely a must on this list, not only because time travelling would be awesome, but Andre is such a sweet character.

Learn how to fight with Trisha

I read this book awhile ago and so it’s not the freshest in my mind. I would love to train with Trisha though, and maybe give her a hug? She’s going through a lot.

Meet Kiera and watch her play SLAY

Ooh this would be so cool! Slay definitely gave me a book hangover, and I highly recommend it.

Learn more about Leopard Knocks with Sunny

I haven’t talked a lot about Akata Witch/Warrior, but I love these books. After a long day exploring I would also love to come back to a some pepper soup.

Find the secret garden

I would love to escape to a beautiful, wild secret garden whenever I needed too. That would be my happy place.

Discover I’m a demigod (and go to camp half-blood)

As a proud child of Athena, cabin six should be ready for me to come! Wouldn’t this be so fun?

Write a book with Jo

This would be my writers dream. Imagine!

Whistle to the mockingjays with Rue


That’s all I have to say.

Escape the paparazzi with Alex And Henry

And then can I please stay in this book forever? If you’ve read any of my recent posts you will probably know that I’m slightly obsessed with this book. Just slightly.

Run on the rooftops of Paris with Sophie

Because who wouldn’t want to? Paris + views from the top of roofs + the middle of the night = a great bucket list addition.

Solve a mystery with Ada and Mary

Eat food from Max and Jordan’s food truck

I would love to eat at their food truck, and have their signature lemonade. Mmmm.

Cook with Emoni and watch Moana with her daughter

This book was my first of Elizabeth Acedevo’s work, and I’m definitely hooked. Every dish in this book made me so hungry, so I would love for Emoni to teach me how to cook! And we could watch Moana, her daughter Emma’s favourite movie, together.


Play soccer with Sky and Jane

This, my friends, is my childhood. I would’ve done anything to escape to Arundel with the Penderwicks, and even now I would love to play a game of soccer with my favourite sisters, Sky and Jane.

What would be on your bookish bucket list? Let me know in the comments, or, create your own post! Tag me so I can read it if you do!


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