Ranting about some wlw/nblw ships + giving them songs || canon & fanon

Hi bookworms! Tis pride month, and I’ve been really wanting to do this post for awhile. I feel like people don’t have enough books or tv shows with good (or any) sapphic representation, so ranking them will be really fun. I hope you find some good books/shows to read/watch! Now, since there’s so little wlw representation, I will be including fanon ships you can wish were real with me. If you want a part 2 or one with mlm/nblm please let me know in the comments!

Ignore the fact that my thought process for this post was I just want to admire a bunch of fictional characters and their girlfriends/partners and dedicate songs for them. I used a playlist I made a little while ago, and below you can check out some other songs if you’d like.

Warning! There will be a few minor spoilers, and none of the fan art depicted is mine and they belong tho their rightful owners.

wlw stands for women loving women, and nblw stands for non-binary loving women.

let’s begin with canon ships:

  • Characters: Nova Huang and Tam Lang (nblw)
  • From: Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu
  • There is so little non binary representation in anything, really, and especially not in romantic positions. Which is so disappointing. But here we are with a beautiful romance between a NON-BINARY WEREWOLF AND A WITCH. C’mon my friends, if that isn’t perfection then I have no idea what is. Although I haven’t read this in a while I do remember finding them really quite adorable, and this book is incredibly under hyped.
  • Song: Sofia – Clairo
  • Ship name: Scorfuma (wlw)
  • Characters: Scorpia and Perfuma
  • From: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
  • I wanted to include at least one ship from She-Ra (so much representation, it’s amazing) and I decided to do a lesser known one that was announced as canon. Honestly, they deserve each other. They’re two of the sweetest characters on the show, and as well as being super aesthetically pleasing (scorpion girlfriend, flower girlfriend), they are just so cute together. I wish they had more screen time.
  • Song: SHE – dodie
this song is definitely from Scorpia’s perspective, from before it became canon.
  • Characters: Nishat and Flávia (wlw)
  • From: The Henna Wars by Adiba Jaigirdar
  • It seriously wouldn’t be a post on this blog without the mention of The Henna Wars. If you want childhood friends to rivals to lovers, I’ve got you. This book was sort of my introduction to queer fiction (as well as They Both Die At The End) and it absolutely does not disappoint. I mean, as a goodreads reviewer said “what if we were business rivals who may or may not have feelings for each other? and we were both girls?”.
  • Song: Boys Aside – Sofya Wang
I don’t think this is the perfect song, but I tried.

and here the fanon ships:

  • Ship name: Genyalina (wlw).
  • Characters: Genya Safin & Alina Starkov.
  • From: Shadow & Bone.
  • I will forever be mad at this book for not making this happen. Sure, the other Alina ships are great, but I am in love with this. If I remember correctly, the first thought Alina has when she meets Genya is “she’s easily the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen”. And yet it’s still fanon, huh? I even think the actors in the Netflix adaptation have so much chemistry, and this post idea literally came from me ranting about how much I want this to be a thing.
  • Song: Sleepover – HAYLEY KIYOKO.
  • Ship name: linny (wlw)
  • Characters: Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood.
  • From: The Harry Potter series.
  • I never was into Harry Potter really, mainly because of the absolute obvious lack of diversity and J.K. Rowling being extremely transphobic, but what I did do was rewrite the book in my mind from fan art. Linny I think would’ve been absolutely adorable, when I first found it I was a little skeptical (“they’re too different”) but I think that’s what makes it a pretty cute ship. You have your sporty, athletic girlfriend and your whimsical, fairy like girlfriend. It works.
  • Song: 1950 – King Princess

That’s all I’ve got for today folks! Do let me know if you’d like a part 2 or one with mlm/nblm ships. I would love to do it.


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