Reacting to wlw + nblw ships part 2 || Ft. a chaotic friend

Hello amazing humans! How are you? I have someone you should meet… long story short this person said “you should make a book blog Maeve!” and here I am 😁. This is Malika and she’ll be writing this post with me.

Hi! I’m Malika, Maeve’s favourite person in the world. I’m obsessed with books in every way and I’m a writer (more like aspiring writer though) and hope to one day write and direct a screenplay. Some of my absolute favourite books include They Both Die At the End, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Henna Wars, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, and The Hate You Give, but I could go on forever. Aside from books I love playing piano, baking, making edits, and listening to music. I’m so honoured and excited to be here on Maeve’s amazing blog so I hope you guys enjoy this post.

She obviously has amazing taste, huh? In honour of pride month (though I hope these kind of posts will go on longer) we’re going to be reacting to women loving women and non binary loving women ships, and giving them some gay songs. We will be admiring some fictional characters and their girlfriends/partners.

*spoiler warning ahead* and none of this art is mine, they belong to there respective awesome owners 💕


  • Maeve’s pick
  • Ship name: Catradora (wlw)
  • Characters: Catra + Adora/She-ra
  • From: She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power
  • Yes, I mentioned She-ra in the last post and yes I’m going to tirelessly talk about them again. Here we are with perhaps the most shipped sapphics Catra and Adora. They were, in my opinion, always crushing but it goes from childhood friends to rivals to enemies to reluctant allies to lovers. It’s got something for everyone, and truly they just give you those warm fuzzy feelings.
  • Song: Bad Idea – Girl In Red
  • Malika’s pick
  • Characters: Quinn and Jamie (wlw)
  • From: Girl Crushed by Katie Heaney
  • While I might have a lot to say about this book I do think in the end it was really adorable and I love the ship. The friends to lovers to that weird “pretending to be friends after breaking up” thing to lovers again is not my cup of tea, for lack of better words, but they were so cute that they made it work and reading it is definitely worth while.
  • Song: Kool Girl – Seasalt (this song is so amazing I can’t)
  • Maeve’s Pick:
  • Ship name: Cazzie (wlw)
  • Characters: Casey and Izzie
  • From: Atypical
  • And we’ve got the adorableness of Cazzie. Although I haven’t watched all of atypical yet (or all that’s out on Netflix) but I think they’re pretty awesome. I did kind of like Casey’s boyfriend from before they got together but I think these two are pretty amazing. They have so many iconic scenes including the amazing dancing scene. Watch it for that. 💖
  • Song: Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood
  • Malika’s pick:
  • Characters: June and Evie (wlw)
  • From: P.S. I Miss You by Jen Petro-roy
  • I can’t even begin to express how much I loved this book. It was just a masterpiece. It’s one of those books that captivates you and when you go to look at the time it’s two a.m. The amazing young couple of June and Evie is really all you need in life. They’re so cute and if you haven’t read this book you must do so immediately.
  • Song: Marceline – Willow


  • Maeve’s pick:
  • Characters: June and Nora (wlw)
  • From: Red White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
  • It’s no secret that RWRB manages to sneak into most of my posts but while I’m obsessed with this I had never thought about June and Nora together. Naturally when the thought struck me I dropped everything and went to see if anyone else felt the same way. And thank goodness I’m not the only one. I really think they would be awesome together, doesn’t Alex say they have a “special female friendship” on like, the seventh page?
  • Song: Chance – Hayley Kiyoko
Maybe not the lyrics but definitely has the right vibe
  • Malika’s pick
  • Characters: Aru and Mini
  • From: Aru Shah and the End of Time (series) by Roshani Chokshi
  • Aru Shah is such a perfect series. The writing, the plot, the characters, just amazing. I especially love the dynamic between the characters Aru and Mini, they’re just so cute and no one can say they’re “just friends” cause just simply no. The way they talk to each other, and just how they are together is just a ‘lil fruity. 22Everyone needs to read this book immediately.
  • Song: space girl – Frances Forever
  • Maeve and Malika’s pick:
  • Ship name: Dianetti (wlw)
  • Characters: Rosa Diaz and Gina Linetti
  • From: Brooklyn 99
  • Rosa is canonically bisexual and though Gina is technically straight we really can’t see her like that. And honestly, this ship is gold. Gina even once said “y’know in another universe we’d make a hot couple”. Be a hot couple in this universe please.
  • Song: I wanna be your girlfriend – by Girl In Red

Thanks for reading! Do you have a favourite wlw/nblw ship? Do you want to see this post done for mlm/nblm ships?


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